Real-time surgical, clinical, & supply chain
analytics achieving 99.99% delivery accuracy*

while improving patient & provider satisfaction

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ClinicalPulse is a real time advanced analytics software platform comprising of a suite of technology solutions for surgical, clinical, and supply chain workflow applications.

  • Do you know your cost of materials per procedure?
  • Are your preference cards current and standardized?
  • Do you currently track unused product per procedure?

Solstice Medical provides valuable information about your healthcare facility and allows you to manage your supplies to ensure that the right product always gets to the right patient at the right time.


Transforming the healthcare supply chain

A powerful software platform built to improve clinical & supply chain efficiency

Advanced Analytics

  • Adaptable Dashboards & Reports
  • Increase Enterprise Compliance
  • Optimize Financial Goals

Inventory Tracking

  • Eliminate Manual Picking Errors
  • Data-Driven Preference Card Management
  • Reduce On-Hand Inventory

RFID Smart Storage

  • 24/7 Inventory Control & Security
  • Real-Time Transaction Reporting
  • Identify Expiring & Recalled Inventory

Medical Grade RFID Tags

  • 7 Domestic & International Patents
  • Large to Small Tag Size Availability
  • ISO 13485 FDA Certified
See how much you could be saving...

Inventory errors extend procedure times, cause more inventory to be kept on hand, and can account for hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra labor costs each year for your hospital.


You Could Be Saving $50,000 Per Operating Room Every Year!