"Solstice has configured a unique solution that hospitals and large IDNs will see as relevant to their clinical supply workflow”
Joe Arruda, Vice President, Supply Chain, IU Health

Transforming the healthcare supply chain

Solstice Medical is driving the adoption of Health Information Technology (HIT) solutions focused on achieving supply chain optimization within hospitals and large integrated delivery networks (IDNs). Our company primarily focuses on the surgical supply chain by enabling critical visibility of assets (supplies, devices, disposables and equipment) throughout their lifecycle. We manage the supply continuum from manufacture to distribution to central supply to OR to procedure to billing. In addition, our solution addresses supply chain and inventory needs in complimentary segments such as ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs), medical device companies, long-term and intermediate care centers, rehabilitation facilities and tertiary care providers.

Our vision and mission:

To transform the healthcare supply chain by providing customers a unified surgical supply chain platform to optimize critical inventory resources, reduce cost, and increase procedure revenue. Our solution consists of:

  • State-of-the-art inventory management software
  • RFID and bar code technology
  • Real-time business intelligence
  • Patent protected intellectual property (IP)
  • Consulting services for assessment and implementation
  • Embedded workflow to support quality/compliance standards